12 Examples of Gorgeous Bathrooms That Use Moroccan Tadelakt Plaster

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Images via Unknown & Natalie Dubrovska

The tadelakt trend has been going strong this year and there’s no wonder why. This lime wash look-alike is not only swoon-worthy, it’s also extremely durable- making it a popular choice among designers and homeowners.

One of the best things about tadeltak is that it’s waterproof and totally seamless. Say goodbye to grout lines and hello to a minimalist’s dream!

And just like any material, there are so many ways to incorporate tadelakt into a bathroom. So, to give you some inspiration, I gathered up twelve examples of bathrooms that use tadelakt in different ways. Just a warning, there are some major swoon-worthy bathrooms ahead! Ready to see this material in action?

Images via Burke Décor & Arjaan De Feyter

1. This first photo is a perfect example of a dark-colored tadelakt. Isn’t it gorgeous? I also love how seamless the shower niche looks- no weird tile cuts or grout lines to work with- I just love it!

2. Quite a contrast to the first bathroom, this second bathroom features a shower with tadelakt floors and walls. I love this greige color that the designer picked out, it’s such a perfect combination with the black accents.

Images via Arjaan De Feyter & Rise Design Studio

3. This third example features a similar look as the last bathroom, but instead of going with black accents and fixtures, the same designer, Arjaan De Feyter, choose a lighter palette with very minimal brass fixtures, making the tadelakt the true star.

4. In contrast, this bathroom by Rise Design Studio features a slightly darker beige tadelakt paired with bold fixtures. Since there are a lot of architectural details in this bathroom, like the ceiling, shower niche, and the ledge above the toilet, the tadelakt finish makes it feel extra open and spacious. The lack of grout lines also helps to keep your eye moving throughout the space.

Images via Dezeen & Govaert & Vanhoutte Architects

5. You know me, I don’t share a lot of color on my blog, but when I do, it’s something stunning, like this beautiful sage green tadelakt. And paired with that stunning black marble sink, there’s so much beauty happening!

6. Here’s an example of going light and bright with the tadelakt finish- almost white, but more like “steamed milk.” This is a minimalists bathroom at its finest, don’t you think?

Images via AD France & Seelhorst

7. Did you know that you can use tadelakt in the tub, too?! Here’s an example of using tadelakt for a tub/ shower combo. And again, another example of this muted green. Just gorgeous.

8. In this bathroom, the designer, Seelhorst, used a grey tadelakt finish for the shower walls and paired it with some chrome fixtures. I love the idea of using tadelakt in places where tile might look a little funky- like this bathroom with the pitched roof. Such a perfect choice of materials and executed beautifully.

Images via Sophie Watson & Unknown

9. Here’s another high-contrast example of using a creamy/greige-colored tadelakt and pairing it with some black steel. I really love the use of the glass arched wall- it helps to break up all the hard lines and keeps it unexpected.

10. I know, here’s another green bathroom… but can you blame me? I had to put this one in the mix because I wanted to show you that tadelakt can be a chameleon in the sense that depending on what you pair it with and how you style it, it can look more modern or even more traditional or transitional, like this example.

Images via Natalie Dubrovska & Luxe Remodel

11. This bathroom has been a favorite of mine for quite some time. I love this mix of materials going on and the use of tadelatk on the walls, paired with dainty fixtures. Everything is perfection.

12. I love this example because it reminds me of a basic tub/shower situation that’s been remodeled. Can’t you picture it? And now it’s this beautiful walk-in shower with a perfectly situated niche and raw brass accents.

Images via Trish Deseine & Belmond Eagle Island Lodge

I hope this post gave you some ideas of how to use tadelakt in your own bathroom! Are you obsessed with this material as much as I am? Which one of these ideas is your favorite? And if you currently have this material in your bathroom, what has been your experience? Let me know in the comments below!

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