17 Chic Must-Haves for Entertaining & Hosting

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No matter if you’re a newbie or an entertaining pro, there are quite a few must-haves that any host needs, so in this blog post I’m going to share 17 of them with you!  

And if you’re shopping for someone who loves to entertain, take note! This post is filled with tons of ideas for the host or hostess in your life.

Oh, and the best part? 

They’re all from small businesses on Etsy so you can feel good about your purchase! And, like always, all of the shops I recommend have reviews of 4 stars and above!

Ok, let’s dive into the 17 must-haves for entertaining & hosting.

NO. 1

Serving spoons by Shop Muirwood

If you’re like me, then serving spoons are the last thing on your mind when you’re about to serve your guests.

Skip the red spatula and wooden spoon and invest in a few items that are designated for entertaining.

Plus, these black aluminum spoons would look fab in a container on the countertop, wouldn’t they?!



Speckled Ceramic Vase by Sunnys Shop LA

Whether you’re hosting dinner or just having some friends over for cocktails, fresh flowers are always a good idea… and paired with a sculptural vase that looks good even when it’s empty is a total win-win!


NO. 3

Frayed Linen Napkins by Hue by Crafts

If you’re hosting a dinner party, skip out on the normal paper napkins and paper towels and step it up a notch! Investing in some timeless napkins is a no-brainer if you entertain often.

I especially love these ones with the frayed detail from Hue by Crafts!


NO. 4

Salt Dish by Shop Muirwood

Salt and pepper are a must in every meal, and while you probably have a pepper grinder, do you have a salt dish?

This white marble dish with a brass spoon would be the perfect little dish for your table setting, or sitting on your countertop as you cook!

Why not just use a salt shaker?

Because you need something different for bigger grains of salt…like flake salt! Omg, have you tried flake salt before?

It’s just downright gorgeous, delicious, and works great as a finishing salt — not to mention it would look stunning in this little marble dish AND impress your guests.

Am I the only one that seems to have strong feelings about salt? Let me know in the comments below!


NO. 5

Bathroom Drops by Bird in Hand Botanicals

Because….you know…

When you’re entertaining the bathroom gets used pretty often.

And while a candle is always a good idea, sometimes the fragrance can compete with all the delicious food you’re cooking! So skip out on the candle and get some bathroom drops for your guests to use!


NO. 6

White flecked Plated by Every Story Studio

I know you have your everyday dinner plates, but it’s always nice to have something a little special for entertaining and serving purposes.

If you host often, then it’s worth investing in some beautiful and unique plates like these ones from Every Story Studio. The speckled detail and organic shape make them a simple but timeless choice.


NO. 7

Dice by Shop Muirwood

Since this is a list of entertaining must-haves, I had to include a couple of items that can help you entertain!

And this is where a game comes in handy!

There are so many games you can play with some dice. But let’s step it up a notch and swap out the plastic dice for these chic brass ones.

Plus, these would be the perfect accessories to add to a bookshelf or coffee table!


NO. 8

Butter Dish by Dan Saultman

How much butter do you consume during the holidays…probably a lot if your family is like mine!

So let’s do butter the chicest way possible, and a sculptural butter dish like this one by Dan Saultman is perfect!

Whether it’s sitting on the table or in the fridge, this butter dish will make a beautiful statement. I know you might be saying, a butter dish? But yeah… for me it’s making these everyday moments extra special.


NO. 9

Drink Dispenser by Herb Tribe

A drink dispenser is life-saving when entertaining! There are a million things to think about when you’re the host, so take one thing off your plate and put your guests in charge of their own drink!

Fill this up with some lemon or cucumber water, or mix up a cocktail!


NO. 10

Ice Cube Tray by Mellyk Shop

If you’re making cocktails, there’s no better way to say, “yeah, I know what I’m doing here” than with a large ice cube.

It instantly elevates your drink and doesn’t water it down as fast, so it’s a win-win!


NO. 11

Decanter by Swoon Living

Hosting a dinner party or a sip and paint party? Then a decanter is a must!

I’m obsessed with the fact that this decanter from Swoon Living doesn’t sit flat… talk about a perfect conversation piece, right?

Oh, and isn’t that round cork super chic, too?



Ceramic baking dish by Free Folding

For me, it’s all about elevating those daily items and finding a piece you’re obsessed with, especially for entertaining purposes.

From the oven to the table, a beautiful baking dish makes everything look that much more delicious!


NO. 13

Pie Dish by Jefferson Street Co.

I mean, what’s the holiday season without a pie!?

A fluted pie dish like this one from Jefferson Street Co. is just about as good as it gets…and that fluted edge is timeless!

If you’re shopping for someone who loves to entertain, pair this pie dish with a pie kit like this one by Chickens in the Road for a quick gift!


NO. 14

Gold Tongs by Chasing Threads

If you’re serving a lot of finger food, or as I like to call them, hot snacks- be sure to get a couple of pairs of tongs, they’re an absolute life saver!

These tongs by Chasing Threads are definitely something your guest will comment on!

I just love weird little conversation pieces like this, don’t you?


NO. 15

Ice Bucket by Italian Marble Design

No matter if you’re hosting a dinner party or it’s just you and your love having drinks…an ice bucket is a must-have.

Keep your favorite bottle of rose or champagne chilled and at the dinner table so you can keep the conversation rolling.

Bonus point! This marble one could double as a gorgeous vase, too!


NO. 16

Burned Wood Cutting Board by Mad Spring Craft

A beautiful cutting board is perfect for entertaining! And not to mention it’ll look straight-up gorgeous leaning against your backsplash.

Whether you need a blank slate for your charcuterie board or just need another layer to add to your tablescape, this burnt wood cutting board is the perfect piece to add to your collection.


NO. 17

Tic Tac Toe by Shop Muirwood

Those games are seriously a lifesaver when you’re entertaining! It gives your guests something to do and gives you a little more free time to actually enjoy yourself!

And what’s better than a classic tic-tac-toe board? Umm… a marble one, that’s what!

No need to put this game away once you’re done with it, simply style it on top of a couple of big books on your coffee table!


Now, let’s be real… there are way more than 17 must-haves in my opinion, but this list is just a start. If you want more ideas for entertaining or gifts, be sure to check out my other gift guides and also Etsy’s gift guide section– there are sooooo many unique finds!

I hope you enjoyed this roundup featuring entertaining and hosting must-haves! Are you shopping for something in particular this year? Let me know in the comments below because I’m gathering up all the goods for one huge gift guide this year!


Until next time,


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