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I’ve been working on some interior e-design projects lately, and one of them is this large contemporary living room.

Well, it’s more like a ‘great room’ rather than a regular ol’ living room because it’s so spacious! If we could all be so lucky, right?

But, if you think a large living room doesn’t come with its challenges, think again, because it most certainly can. Shopping for furniture can be a little tricky for such a big space since there’s just so much space to fill! There could be worse things, I know…

But, throw in a wall of windows and odd areas, and I can easily understand why some people get so overwhelmed when it comes to designing their home.

One of the mistakes I see when it comes to large rooms or great rooms is that the scale of the room isn’t taken into consideration.

If I can leave you with one tip in this post, it’s that the scale of the furniture needs to match the scale of the room.


The living room for this e-design is about 15’ wide by 25’ long. It’s quite a large living room, so naturally, it needs large pieces of furniture to match. A couple of loveseats aren’t going to cut it for this room, you know what I mean?

Most of the furniture pieces I chose for this living room are slightly larger than the standard size. For example, each sectional piece of the sofa is larger than standard, resulting in a bigger than normal sectional. Sectional sofas are a great option for large spaces because you can easily customize the pieces to make sure that the sofa fits the room like a glove.

Even though this e-design is based on quite a large living room, this look can easily be scaled down and customized to any size space. You might have to skip on the baby grand, unfortunately, but it’s definitely doable.


Let’s talk about the layout of this contemporary living room-

Since this living room is so large, I split the room up into two different seating areas based on the two fireplaces. To create that separation, I started by using two of the same rugs, side by side. I kept them the same so they wouldn’t compete with one another, but instead act as a border to the two seating areas.

The first seating area is occupied by a large sectional sofa that faces the built-in bookcases and the larger of the two fireplaces. The long white sectional sofa is balanced out with a black leather side chair. This part of the room is perfect for snuggling up by the fire or watching a movie.

Behind the sectional sofa, I placed two console tables side by side so that it extends almost the full length of the sofa. It’s hard to find extra long tables when you’re working in a large room, so doubling up and pairing items is key. The two console tables also help to separate the two seating areas even further. I snuck some extra seating under the console tables in the form of two long stools. When they aren’t in use, they can fit under the tables, but when necessary, they can be pulled into another area of the room.

The second seating area makes quite a statement with the baby grand piano that sits in the corner. I placed four swivel chairs around a large coffee table to make the perfect entertaining space to listen to music, and chat with friends and family around the fire.

It was important to keep most of the furniture on the lower side so the eye can wander all the way to the back of the room. There are also a lot of windows in this space and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t disrupting any potential view.

Now, let’s get into each and every one of the pieces in this living room e-design!

Get The Look & Shop This Living Room


Black Baby Grand Piano – Steinway | Ivy Bronx Matchett Bench – Wayfair | Drew Leather Swivel Chair in Smoke – Restoration Hardware | Harvey Prober X Shaped Stool – 1st Dibs | Maddox Sectional in Natural Belgian Linen Restoration Hardware


Triumph Accent Table in Black – The D Pages | Strut Console Table – All Modern | Pier End Table – All Modern | Machinto Square Coffee Table – Restoration Hardware | Flume Coffee Table – Wayfair


Arundel Floor Lamp – TRNK | Orbit Pendant Light by Lukas Peet – Y Lighting | Light Stick – 1001 Lights


Echasse Vase by Menu – Yliving | Metal candlestick – H&M | Abstract Canvas Painting – Etsy | Black Lidded Container – H&M | Ferm Living Pot – Huset Shop | Large Glass Vase – H&M | Assorted Coffee Table Books – Amazon

If you enjoyed this post, then stay tuned for an upcoming post where I talk about seven different ways to layout furniture in a living room! Until then, find me on Instagram and Pinterest for more interior inspiration! I hope this post gives you some ideas and inspiration for designing a contemporary and modern living room of your own. And, of course, if you need any help with your space, I’m just a click away- check out my e-design services here.

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