6 Ways to Decorate A Display Pedestal Like A Pro

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Images via Menu & The Savvy Heart

Decorative pedestals and plinths are one of my favorite pieces to add to any space. Like seriously… my FAVORITE.


Well, here are a few reasons…

Pedestals are perfect for filling in those weird areas, they look high-end AF, add height, provide visual interest, and instantly make anything you set upon it look like a million bucks!

It’s no wonder why museums opt for a sleek white pedestal to display items! It look so chic and displays the whatever is on it perfectly.

So let’s get into a few ways that you can style or decorate your pedestal. Ready to dive in?

Images via Menu

1. Lamps

Have you thought about decorating your pedestal with a lamp?

I don’t know about you, but I often think that I need something so beautiful and grand to place on a pedestal. But in reality, that isn’t so. A lamp might not be the first thing that comes to mind unless you’re using it as a side table, but depending on your lamp, it might just be the perfect spot for it.

Images via The Design Chaser & Residence Mag

2. A Decorative Pot

You could throw anything n the pedestal and it would look like a piece of art. So why not place some decorative pots and vessels on it? You’ll have an ‘instant artifact’ look… and make it look like you paid a pretty penny for that vessel.

By the way, if you want a super cheap and easy way to turn a glass vase in an ancient-looking pot, head over to my Instagram reels and watch the video. I’m hoping to have a tutorial up soon! Follow along and say hi! @thesavvyheart

Images via Residence Mag & Residence Mag

3. A Sculpture

Use the pedestal like a museum would and stick a sculpture on it, if you have a sculpture, that is. This is the ultimate swoon-fest in my opinion. Just having a sculpture oozes high-end….and then once you place it on a pedestal… dang, you just can’t go wrong!

Images via September Edit & The Savvy Heart

4. Books

Books. Another one of my favorite items to decorate with… and I like to use books EVERYWHERE! So why not use them on pedestals, too? You can style them alone for a minimalist look, or stack a couple under a decorative pot or vase to add a more height and variation.

Images via Unknown & A Merry Mishap

5. A Bust or Statue

This is similar to a sculpture, but I feel like more people might own a bust so I wanted to throw this option in. Gosh, doesn’t a bust feel like it belongs on a pedestal? Again, it has a museum look, so it instantly gives off a high-end feel.

Images Menu via & Sundling Kickén

6. Flowers or Decorative Branch

There’s nothing I love more than a branch or fresh flowers, so you best believe I’m all about this last one. Whether it’s a flower arrangement or a single stem, pop it on a pedestal to elevate its beauty. 

I don’t know about you, but fresh flowers make me so happy every time I walk by them. So placing them on a pedestal makes you notice them that much more. More random smiles throughout the day? I’m in…

Shop A Few Of My Favorite Pedestals

Shop pedestals from left to right:

1- Metal Pedestal via Etsy

2-Black Oak Pedestal via Etsy

3- Marble Plinth via Pedestal Source

4- Square Pedestal via Perigold

5- Odense Black Pedestal via Burke Decor

6- Vesta Marble Pedestal via CB2

7-Reflective Pedestal via Perigold

8- Albin Pedestal via McGee & Co.

9- Marble Plinth Table via Burke Decor

There you have it, those are my six favorite ways to style and decorate a pedestal! Be sure to check out some of my favorites above, and if you want to make your own, I wrote up a blog post on how you can easily create one. It’s a must-read if you’re into a little DIY!

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