5 Tips for Giving the Perfect Gift this Holiday Season

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We’ve all heard the infamous, “I don’t need anything” or “I don’t want anything” in reply when asking someone what they want for their birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasion. When it comes to gift giving, I think we all can agree that there are certain people on your list that are easier to buy for than others. And some people are just downright impossible to shop for.

There are other situations that can be tricky, too. Maybe you need to find a hostess gift, a gift for a company party, or a white elephant gift. Certain circumstances, where the recipient is unknown can be especially tough!

But, with a little good old-fashioned research and a bit of creative thought, there’s no need to ever give a bad gift again. Let me share five tips that will help you give the perfect gift this holiday season.

Five tips for better gift giving this holiday season by The Savvy heart.png

1 | Keep it simple

It’s easy to get carried away with multiple gifts, or one extravagant gift. Sometimes the best gift can come in the simplest form and can have the most meaning. Pair a unique gift with a thoughtful card and call it done before you start to pull your hair out.

2 | Do some research

Almost everyone has some sort of social media, so this is the perfect place to start doing some research for your holiday shopping. Check out their Facebook or Instagram page and look for things they’re interested in, or what they post about. Say for instance, that the person is always posting photos of their food. Well, then, something food related would seem fitting. 

What if that person doesn’t have social media? Then you might have to listen a bit closer the next time you talk with that person. It’s all about picking up on subtle hints in a conversation and getting creative.

3 | Introduce them to something new

There’s no better feeling than introducing a friend or family member to their new favorite thing, whether that be a store, brand, product, or restaurant. Chances are if there are certain brands or products you love, your friends and family would probably also enjoy them.  

4 |  Gift something useful

Something that will make someone’s life a little easier never goes out of style. Giving your recipient a gift that is actually useful and helpful can score you some major brownie points. 

5 | If all else fails, gift an experience…or wine

If a physical gift doesn’t fit the bill, think about gifting an experience. Maybe it’s a night out or tickets to a show. Gifting an experience will allow him, her, or them to make some great memories to last a lifetime. And if all else really does fail, a nice bottle of wine can go a long way.

5 Tips for Giving the Perfect Gift this Holiday Season by The Savvy HEart Creative Design Studio in Seattle

We all have a couple of tricky people on our list to buy for. The key is that you just have to become creative and do a little digging. Most people are pretty obvious about their wants and needs, it’s just up to us to pay attention to them. With a little active listening and a little research on social media, the answer might be easier to find than we might initially think.

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