Truffle Essence – A Chocolate & Black Mood Board

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Images via Coco Lapine Design and Poliform

It really is fall, isn’t it? I feel like we never really got a summer over here in Seattle. We had a handful of gorgeous days, but nothing like previous years. There’s still so much yard and housework to be done, I’m not ready for the cold weather! But, it’s among us. So, what do you do other than embrace the change, right?

For this fall’s mood board, I’m craving the darker side of the spectrum. I’ve been inspired by this deep, velvety, truffle color lately. What we’re calling “truffle essence.” (we can thank Jacob for that snazzy title)

I can always tell where my inspiration starts because my Pinterest board starts showing a pattern. Usually a color, texture or shape. I was pinning a lot of deep hues and noticed a lot of them had a mix of caramels, deep chocolates, and blacks.

I kind of hesitated with choosing this color for this season’s mood board, though. Let me explain.

The color is practically identical to the first accent wall I painted in one of my very first apartments. So it sort of takes me back to my college years, and not in the best way. I’d like to think that my aesthetic has drastically changed for the better since then, but, like my Mom always said, “it’ll be back in style one day.” And that couldn’t be further from the truth. Here I am, in a pair of Birkenstocks… shoes that I never thought I’d wear as an adult, writing about this rich brown color that I can’t get out of my head.

I think if this moody color palette is used correctly, these rich browns can amp up that luxurious, cozy feeling in any interior. So, just in time for the fall, here’s the mood board and seasonal edit for fall 2018.











It’s all about that warm and cozy feeling as we move into fall, and I think that’s exactly what the mood board represents. Is it just me or does this color palette make you want to snuggle right next up to the fire with a glass of wine? Or each chocolate cake and caramels…I’ll take either.

I love the ever so slight contrast between deep, rich browns blended with a little black and cream to create a completely moody space. The idea beautiful wood-paneled walls are just the thing to pull this look off and make a statement while doing it.

Instead of going all in on this look, you could easily bring these colors into a space through artwork, flooring, furniture, and accents. Or, mix complimentary shades of wood throughout your space.

Fun fact – the last photo (#10) was, and still is the main inspiration for materials for our house remodel. And I’m still in love with it, every time I look at it.

What do you think about this fall’s mood board? Are you into these deep tones of velvety brown and truffle?

Like everything, I think it takes the right execution to pull off a certain look, and this color palette is no exception. There are some easy ways to incorporate this look into your space, even if you don’t want to go all in on a paneled wall. You can get the look with a small decorative piece or even a temporary table setting for the holidays. How would you incorporate this look into your space? Let me know in the comments below!

If you’re looking for more inspiration, be sure to check out our other seasonal mood boards I’ve put together this year, and follow our Pinterest page @thesavvyheart for much more!

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