30 Stylish & Neutral Coffee Table Books For Decorating

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It’s no secret that one of my favorite items to decorate with is coffee table books! They look great in so many rooms and are the perfect item to use alone or as a base to highlight another home decor piece that you love.

But out of all the coffee table books available today, I still see the same few being used repeatedly. Overused is an understatement. I’m talking about the Chanel book, Tom Ford book, and the Louis Vuitton book… Don’t these sound familiar when you think of coffee table books?

Well, to give you some more inspiration for branching out and getting some books that aren’t so overused, I’m sharing 30 of my favorite coffee table books I’m loving right now!

Shop Designer-Approved Coffee Table Books

From left to right

  1. Axel Vervoordt
  2. The Intangible by Kerry Joyce
  3. Picasso Sculpture
  4. Cy Twombly Gallery
  5. A Century of Style by Architectural Digest
  6. Modern Residences
  7. Painting Beyond Pollock
  8. Vincent Van Duysen
  9. Black: Architecture in Monochrome
  10. Kapil Das: Something So Clear
  11. Graanmarkt 13: A White Facade
  12. Studio Ko
  13. Cy Twombly
  14. Perspective by Steven Gambrel
  15. Another Art Book
  16. Bernd Gruber
  17. Designing your World II
  18. West – The American Cowboy
  19. Minimalista: Your Step-by-Step Guide to a Better Home, Wardrobe, and Life
  20. Wild Horses of Cumberland Island
  21. At Home: Evocative & Art-Forward Interiors
  22. 500 Self Portraits
  23. Faye Toogood: Drawing, Material, Sculpture, Landscape
  24. Eight Homes: Clements Design
  25. Another Portrait Book
  26. Picasso and the Art of Drawing
  27. Mark Rothko: From the Inside Out
  28. Alvar Aalto: Second Nature 
  29. Timeless Living Yearbook 2022
  30. Scott Mitchell Houses

There you have it- 30 of my favorite coffee table books to decorate with. A few of these I already own, but there are quite a few of these that are on my wishlist. If you’re wondering where to get your hand on some of these, they are linked above… but, of course, the savvy in me always shops around. So if you want to new places to look for coffee table books and get a bargain, be sure to check out another post I wrote, “Where to buy new and used coffee table books.”

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