5 Contemporary Living Rooms That’ll Make You Rethink White & Cream

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Image via Conrad Architects

It’s pretty common that people shy away from all white living rooms. Mainly because they think they feel cold and stark. But I couldn’t disagree more!

I think when styled correctly, white living rooms can feel inviting, warm, and sophisticated.

So, I rounded up five gorgeous examples of contemporary living rooms that use white and cream in all the right ways.

If you need a little insight on how to decorate with white and cream, check out a popular blog post I wrote where I talk about 5 tips for decorating with different shades of white & cream.  It’s super helpful if you’re new to mixing neutrals!

Ok… ready to dive in and see some beautiful white living rooms?

No. 01

This creamy white living room has a few strategic pops of black. The hints of black mixed with the warm tones of the wood are the perfect compliment to the white color palette.

I also love the unique shape of the sofa. When decorating with such a simple color palette, anything that has a visually interesting shape and is a little out of the norm is soooo important!

Design via Studio aminato

No. 02

This contemporary living room plays with scale and shape beautifully.

The sofa is anything but your typical sofa, and then with the added sculptural elements of the coffee table and large pendant light, it keeps your eye wandering.

Design via Babayants Architects

No. 03

This is one of my favorite living rooms of all time. Everything in this space is so swoon-worthy!

The structural shapes of these chairs are the compliment to that round marble side table perfectly. It’s the perfect mix of masculine/feminine. Subtle, but so chic.

And I wouldn’t expect anything less from Conrad Architects – they’ve mastered white.

Design by Conrad Architects

No. 4

This space uses a simple color palette in combination with unique shapes to draw you in.

The channeled ottomans are so chic, aren’t they?! They immediately caught my eye.

The glass on the top on this coffee table helps lighten the space, but the variation in color also helps tie in the pops of brown and beige.

p.s. if you’re on the search for a vintage coffee table similar to that one, check your local Craigslist & FB marketplace because earlier this spring, I found a very similar style for free!Design via Caroline Legrand Design

No. 5

I mean, that black and wood staircase is just jaw dropping, isn’t it?!

It’s probably the first thing you noticed, am I right? That’s because of the simple white color palette. It does it’s job just blending in to let the architecture shine.

You’ll also notice subtle pops of black throughout the space to tie it all together. Yum!

Design via unknown

Ready to get the look?


Contemporary White Furniture & Home Décor

What do you think about these white living rooms? Are you in love with them as much as I am?

If you ever thought a white living room was boring, I hope this posts inspires you to reconsider.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, be sure to check out my other blog posts below or follow me on Pinterest!

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