A Modern & Unique Icicle Christmas Tree With Hand Blown Glass Ornaments

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This year, I decided to decorate my tree a little different! Originally, I was planning on doing a vintage-style tinsel tree, but after I saw a few people already doing that, I decided to switch it up.

I’ve wanted an all glass Christmas tree for a while, so I thought this was the year!

There’s nothing that screams quiet luxury more than hand-blown ornaments. But truth be told, you could totally get the same look by using acrylic ornaments instead of glass. Because let’s be honest… I know an all glass Christmas tree might not be the most practical, especially if you have kids or pets. Since we have neither (as of now), I had to take advantage of getting fancy!

It was important to me that all the ornaments worked well together. I didn’t want one particular icicle ornament to stand out and steal the show. So, all the hand-blown glass ornaments I picked out are all similar in diameter, but vary in length.

It’s also worth mentioning that this icicle look won’t work well on a super full Christmas tree. You definitely need some space for these ornaments to drop and dangle freely. I think that’s what makes this tree so special… It’s not only the ornaments that make it perfect but also the style of the tree.

By the way, this is the ‘viral’ Home Decorators Dutchess Balsam Fir Christmas tree from Home Depot that is way sold out by now. (I’ve linked some similar trees on my LTK here.) However, you can get the same vibe from a similar tree… just make sure you aren’t picking a tree that’s too full or too sparse. Something right in the middle is perfect. It’s also worth noting that if you’re planning to do a tree like this, having some extra long branches to dangle some ornaments from is key.

Before I started decorating the tree with all of my icicle ornaments, I added a lot more lights. About 1500 more LEDs to be exact. This isn’t necessary, but since the overall look of this tree is quite simple, I thought adding more lights would give it something extra. So I added three more bundles of micro fairy lights and ended up putting the original lights on the tree on the blinking mode, so it twinkled every so slightly.

There were some details that I was nitpicky about that are worth talking about.

One detail being that I didn’t use any ribbon to hang the ornaments because I didn’t want to distract from them. So I hung all the ornaments with fishing line, wire hooks, or a small silver twine.

I also ensured that every single ornament was dangling freely and perfectly straight. I didn’t want any of the ornaments sitting on branches. I felt like having ornaments not straight and not hanging freely would take away from the overall look and make it look a little messy. Although, once you get towards the top of the tree, you really need to nestle the icicle ornaments in the branches so they are straight. This took a bit of time, as I had to find just the right spot for each of these ornaments.

The last thing I want to mention is that I didn’t only use ‘Christmas ornaments’ for the tree. I ended up using some simple glass rods that are actually replacements for a chandelier. These ended up being my favorite because they are so sleek and simple! I used three lengths, ranging from 7″-11″, so they are actually quite long! But they really filled in some areas perfectly.

Don’t worry, I linked everything I used below! I just want to preface it by saying this isn’t a budget-friendly tree. It was actually quite expensive, all said and done. But that’s because all the ornaments are hand made from glass. If you use acrylic or plastic ornaments, you can achieve this look for much, much less.

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Icicle Tree With Hand Blown Glass Ornaments

For my slim, seven and a half foot Christmas tree, I used:

A Modern & Unique Icicle Christmas Tree With Hand Blown Glass Ornaments

All in all, I’m obsessed with how this tree turned out! It took me a couple of months to gather and find everything, but it was totally worth the wait. And even though this Christmas tree was quite expensive, all said and done, I will for sure be using these beautiful icicle ornaments for many, many years to come!

What do you think about my modern icicle tree? Let me know in the comments below and, of course, if use my tree as inspiration, please tag my on social media so I can see! I love seeing how I inspire you!

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