An Amber, Burnt Orange, and Rust Color Scheme – The Fall Edit

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Images via Behance & unknown

Every once in a while I get a craving for a little color….

Burnt orange, rust, amber, copper, pumpkin…whatever you want to call it, I’m into it, and can’t get it out of my head! And that’s why it’s the focal point of this fall’s seasonal edit.

These warm hues make me want to curl up in a blanket, sip a pumpkin spiced latte, and listen to the rain hit our roof. It just has cozy written all over it, doesn’t it?

This isn’t the first time these rich tones have made an appearance in home decor and interior design. These colors have been going strong all year in interior design, but I’ve also seen these colors trending in fashion and graphic design.

Long story short…I don’t think this color palette is going anywhere anytime soon!

Images via Jessica Backhaus & Coco Lapine

How to decorate with rust and burnt orange in your home

These burnt orange colors aren’t too much of a stretch from its sister colors, cognac and camel, which are especially trendy in mid-century modern style. If you already own a piece of furniture in that color range, then you’re already halfway there! You can easily toss in some rust colored pillows, a new area rug, or a fresh piece of art with a few of these colors to hop on the bandwagon. But, if you’re looking to incorporate this color just for fall, then opt for something you can easily swap out, like flowers and throw pillows.

If you’re feeling bold and trendy, you can incorporate this color with a large piece of furniture, like a sofa or accent chair. If you’re going for a super trendy vibe, then look no further than a curved sofa or lounge!

And as far as painting with this color goes….I wouldn’t suggest painting an entire room, but that isn’t to say that it wouldn’t be amazing in the right space! Would you paint an entire wall or room with this color? Let me know in the comments section!

Images via Anour & Fine Art America

With all the ways there are to incorporate this color in your home, I’m going to leave you with a few of my favorite pieces, both large and small.

Rust, Burnt Orange, and Amber Colored Furniture & Home Decor


Minimalist Abstract Art via Etsy | Wikes Ottoman via Wayfair | Glass French Press via Food52

Cyrus Chair in Rust via High Fashion Home | Tivoli Balloon Vase via Finnish Design Shop

Italian Velvet PIllow Cover via Rejuvenation | HAY Borosilicate Mugs via MoMA

Karok Art Print via Somee | Burnt Orange Velvet Barstool via Cult Furniture | Savoy Vase via Amuse

What do you think of this rust and burnt orange color palette for fall? It’s not too crazy for this time of year, but I can’t get over these warm, rich tones. I think I’ll get some flower stems with these colors, but that’s probably as crazy as I’m going to get with it. How about you? Do you think you’ll try this color in your home? Let me know in the comments below! Happy Fall!

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