8 Bathrooms That Prove Why A Window Above A Vanity Is A Good Thing

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image via Heidy Kluger

I recently received a question from a reader named Bethany who is planning for a future bathroom remodel. Her question was whether or not you can place a vanity in front of a window and I was ecstatic when I saw her question!

Why? Because this is the perfect example of turning a design dilemma into a design dream!

You might think that placing a vanity below a window is crazy, and that placing a mirror in front of a window is even crazier, but think again! This is a chance for a show-stopping moment, so take full advantage of it! Sometimes you just need to step out of the box and this is the perfect example! So, long story short, embrace the window!

To execute this the right way, there are a few ways to do this… You could either hang the mirror from the ceiling, on one of the side walls (if there are any) or get a mirror that mounts to the counter. And to give you some inspiration, I rounded up eight examples of bathrooms that prove why having a window above a vanity is a good thing. Ready to see these stunning bathrooms?

No. 01

This first bathroom has massive floor to ceiling windows and gorgeous marble vanity. There’s so much visual interest going on with the window, I love how Christopher A&I kept it as simple as possible while making a huge statement. I also love the juxtaposition of that wood stool with that sleek marble countertop.

Image via Christopher Architecture & Interiors

No. 02

The second example is also simple, but it’s quite a contrast from the first one. In this bathroom, we can see that designer kept the color palette as minimal as possible, using a sleek ceiling-mounted mirror to blend in as much as possible. I also love that she offset the mirror with that pendant. It helps to draw your eye up and adds a little bit of an unexpected touch.

Designed by Madeleine Blanchfield Architects

No. 03

This third example by Robbins Architecture is what I think of when I think a sexy modern house. Lots of wood paneling, contrasted with a some cools grays, a few pops of black, and some of the chicest details- that of which being the window above the vanity and ceiling mounted mirror. Everything feels so intentional and balanced.

Designed by Robbins Architecture

No. 04

I adore all the character this fourth example has. Spencer & Wedekind transformed this vanity area into a true masterpiece. I love those hinged mirrors and the lights on the side walls. Bar lights, similar to these are normally placed above the mirror and I love that they kept that look, just brining them to the side walls.

Design by Spencer & Wedekind

No. 5

Here is another example of a floor to ceiling window, but this time, it almost feels like youre outside, doesn’t it? There are so many beautiful textures and visually interesting features like the low wood vanity, and even the pebbles below the vanity! And those tall ceiling-mounted mirrors are perfect for highlighting the high ceilings.

Designed by MOPS Architecture Studio

No. 6

In this example, we have a vanity floating in the middle of the room- very hotel like, but notice that it’s still in front of a window. Even though this example is little different, I wanted to throw this one into the mix to give you another idea.

Design by FGR Architects

No. 07

I love how clean and intentional this bathroom feels. All the materials work together beautifully. I especially like how the sliding mirror is a similar finish as the windows so it blends in perfectly. Also notice how the window is split into 3rds and how the mirror size is perfectly 1/3rd- fitting perfectly. This entire hour is gorgeous btw, definitely worth a peek.

Designed by  Stuart Silk Architects along with Amy Baker Interior Design

No. 08

This bathroom is a gorgeous example of encasing the mirror so it feels like an extension of the vanity. I love the little nook under the mirror that encases the faucet… It’s these little details that help everything look a little more high-end. I mean, that view doesn’t hurt either…

Design by Drake Anderson

Now that I’ve shown you eight examples of why having a window above your vanity is a good thing, I thought I’d share a few unique mirrors I stumbled upon, just in case you want to get this look yourself!

So below, I’ve rounded up three ceiling mounted mirrors, three unique wall-mounted mirrors, and three counter-mounted mirrors!

Ceiling-Mounted Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

1 Round Double-sided Suspended Mirror via Etsy

2 Allied Brass Round Frameless Bathroom Mirror via Lowes

3 Harel Ceiling Hung Mirror via Wayfair

Swivel Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

1 Madden Mirror via Lumens

2 Polished Chrome Double Hinged Mirror via Walmart

3 Metal Swivel Wall Mirror via Scout & Nimble

Counter Mounted Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

1 Free Standing Revolving Mirror from the Linea Collection via Build.com

2 Door Revolving Mirrored Medicine Cabinet via Build.com

3 WS Bath Collections Mirror via Wayfair

There you have it, eight bathrooms that prove why a window above a vanity is a good thing! Aren’t these examples just gorgeous? If you have a bathroom where you think you’ll need to put a mirror in front of the window, I hope these images gave you some inspiration. Remember, make it a statement!

As always, if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below! And if you have a design dilemma that you’d like to be featured in an upcoming post, please submit your question and info here.

Until next time,


  1. Colleen Loretta O'Connor says:

    In the design #7 you have sliding ceiling mounted mirror. Wondering where I can get a ceiling mounted sliding mirror like this one or is this a made to order specialty item? thanks!

    • terra says:

      You should be able to find a metal track used for a sliding barn door, then attach a mirror to that instead of a door. I’ve seen tracks for a couple hundred dollars, so it should be totally doable!

  2. Mohau Tau says:

    Please advice on the size ,positioning of bathroom mirror on side wall, there’s window above the vanity.
    Bathroom size small.

  3. Thank you so much for giving us this awesome idea. We were banging our heads trying to figure out a solution and felt hopeless. Then your compilation showed up with a targeted Google search and I started thanking God for you and your ideas! December 31,2023

    • terra says:

      That’s amazing! Happy to provide some ideas for tricky situations 🙂 I’m sure your bathroom will turn out beautifully! Best of luck!

  4. Jeff says:

    Beautiful gallery! In case of a floor to ceiling window, how far should the vanity be from the window?

    • terra says:

      Would this be a freestanding vanity? I would keep it as close as possible, although, you could pull it away from the windows a couple of inches if needed.

  5. The blog effectively combines visual inspiration with practical advice, creating a well-rounded resource for readers interested in exploring the idea of having a window above a bathroom vanity.

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