Are Linen Sheets Worth It? The Pros & Cons + An Honest Review

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After getting our hands on a linen duvet cover last year, I have become linen obsessed. I love the texture, the feel, the look- I love everything about it. So obviously, it had me wondering about linen sheets…

But I had so many questions –

Why are linen sheets so expensive? Would I even like the feel of them? Do linen sheets feel scratchy? What if I like them but Jacob (my fiancé) doesn’t?

And come to find out, I’m not the only one with all of these burning questions…

There are hundreds of questions on Reddit covering the topic of linen sheets… asking if they’re worth it, and what the pros and cons are.

So, it seemed like there was just one option.

Test out some linen sheets and report back!

I was lucky enough to receive some gorgeous French linen sheets from Sijo home, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to talk about my experience!

For the sake of being transparent, Sijo Home gifted me these gorgeous linen sheets, but I’m writing this blog post solely because I want to share my experience. Like always, all opinions are my own.

So, let’s get into it… let’s talk about the pros and cons of linen bedding, and answer all your burning questions!

First, let’s start with the price.

You can’t skip this one, so let’s talk about it.

Why are linen sheets & bedding so expensive?

Like anything, we need to look at how it’s made. Linen fibers come from the flax plant, which is mostly grown in Western Europe because of its perfect climate and soil conditions. Compare this to cotton, which is grown worldwide, you can already start to see why linen is so special.

Beyond the perfect growing conditions the flax plant needs, the effort it takes to extract the linen fibers from the plant is quite tedious, not to mention the weaving process is also more difficult and time-consuming than cotton.

Another question I saw about linen sheets and bedding was if they feel scratchy and itchy.

Are linen sheets scratchy?

In my opinion, linen isn’t scratchy, it just has more texture than typical cotton sheets. In my opinion, something scratchy is a wool sweater on your bare skin. And I can confidently say that my linen sheets from Sijo feel nothing like that.

If you’re afraid of linen sheets feeling scratchy, I would say that you shouldn’t skimp on the quality of the linen, but also keep in mind that linen will soften over time and with each wash. Long story short, you can’t really judge linen sheets straight out of the package.

Ok, let’s dive deeper and look at the pros and cons of linen bedding…

Pros of linen bedding and sheets

If we’re looking at a pros and cons list, linen sheets have many pros. Here are some of the advantages and benefits of linen bedding and sheets:


Naturally, linen is thicker than cotton, making it stronger and more durable. After washing, it holds its elasticity better. And with the proper care, linen can last for years!

Looks good with minimal effort

There’s no way around this one… linen is going to wrinkle. But like any bed, your sheets will wrinkle after you sleep in them anyway. Now, I’m sure you don’t really give it much thought- but if you’re used to making your bed with cotton sheets, let me just tell you…. linen sheets just don’t even compare! I can make my bed with minimal effort and it still looks chic af. And if we’re being real… wrinkled linen sheets don’t look nearly as gross as wrinkled cotton sheets.

This is my personal opinion, but the whole point of linen bedding and sheets is to embrace the wrinkles. Linen naturally wrinkles, so the faster you accept and embrace that, the more you’ll love linen for your bedding.


Did you know that linen sheets are anti-static? No one wants clingy sheets, am I right?

Breathable and cool

Linen is a naturally breathable material. That means that when you cover your skin (your largest organ) in linen, your skin can still breathe, allowing for your body to better regulate your temperature throughout the night.


Linen is naturally hypoallergenic, which means it’s a great choice if you have allergies or sensitive skin.

Moisture-wicking & absorbent

Did you know that linen holds up to 20% of it weight in water before it ever feels damp? That also means no sticky sheets in the summer if you get hot and sweaty while you sleep. Kind of gross, I know… but not as gross as wet sheets, right?

Gets softer with each wash

Linen gets softer with each and every wash. And if you properly care for your linen sheets, they can last for years!

Cons of linen bedding and sheets

Like anything, there are also cons and disadvantages when it comes to linen bedding and sheets. So before you make a decision, here are a few of the cons to be aware of:

Softens over time

Many people are concerned that linen sheets will have a scratchy feel, and if you’re comparing new linen sheets to high-thread count cotton sheets, then the cotton sheets will probably feel softer. Linen has more of a texture to it and softens up over time. And while there area few tricks to speed up the process of softening, don’t expect linen sheets to feel the same as cotton sheets straight out of the package.

Mindful when you’re cleaning/ washing

Like anything nice, the key is to care for it well. And linen sheets are no different. It’s best to wash your linen sheets in cold water and tumble dry on the lowest setting. If you have the means to hang dry your linen bedding, that’s an even better option.

More expensive than typical sheets

Unless you’re splurging on some high-thread count cotton sheets, chances are, linen ones will still cost more. But, like you know now, the process to make linen is a lot more involved- therefore the bigger price tag.

My honest review of our linen bedding

We’ve had our line duvet cover for over a year and our linen sheets for around 8 weeks now, and I can say the duvet cover is still in perfect condition, and most definitely softer than it originally was.

As for the linen sheets, my initial thoughts when we jumped into bed for the first time was “well these are different…” Honestly, both my fiancé and I were a little unsure.

But I knew we had to give them a chance, after all, I am obsessed with my duvet cover!

So now here we are…. Eight weeks into having linen sheets, and I can that say we are both obsessed and I’m total linen fan-girl!

I think the first night we slept with them, it was more shock than anything… after all, I had only known cotton sheets up until this point.

I also feel like my entire bed (sheets, comforter and duvet) feels and looks fluffier than ever. I don’t know how to explain it. It must be the thickness of the sheets? Whatever it is, I’m into it.

Every night when I pull the sheets all the way to my chin, I’m always like, dang, this is niiiice.

Although, I still sleep with a cotton pillowcase. Jacob loves sleeping on the linen pillowcase but I haven’t gone that far yet. I actually want to get a silk pillowcase as that’s supposed to be better for your hair and skin, but, you know… in time.

Overall, we love them A LOT! They’re just something different than we’re used to and I think that in of itself it one reason we love them. I also love the fact that they don’t look dingy after a night’s sleep like cotton ones do- I can just throw our bed together and it looks great!


So, let’s get into the last question you want an answer to…

Are linen sheets worth it?

Yes! If you are thinking of splurging on some linen sheets, I say do it. They not only look better than cotton ones, they should outlast cotton ones, too!

I would normally purchase new sheets every year or so, and with these ones, I don’t think we’ll have to replace them for a while- so that’s a total win-win.

I hope you found this blog post helpful and learned if linen sheets and bedding is right for you! If you have any questions about linen sheets drop them in the comments below!

Until next time,


  1. Lex Emrose says:

    My experience has been disappointing. I bought a queen bed sheet set for $500 on 22/5/2023. Manufactured in Portugal, supposedly a good grade of linen according to “Sheets on the Line” two days ago I washed them in the gentle bedding cycle and hang them to dry inside (as always) and now I have holes in the fitted sheet rendering it unusable: Three years and one month later. They were being rotated with two other Target good quality cotton sheet sets that are still in beautiful condition. Don’t be surprised to find out from the supplier later that they only have a life of 3-5 years. Felt great to sleep on but I won’t be fooled again.

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