How To Decorate With Art In The Kitchen + 14 Elegant Ideas

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Images via Desselle Partners & Charlotte Macaux-Perelman

Can you hang art in the kitchen? This is a question that I’ve been asked multiple times, and the answer is, yes!
Art isn’t just for living rooms and bedrooms, it also looks great in the kitchen!

Whether you’re hanging it on the wall or styling it on a shelf, art is a great way to add some visual interest to the kitchen.
If you’re a little skeptical about placing art in the kitchen and need a few ideas to get you started, then this post is for you! I’m sharing a few ideas along with 14 different examples of how to style art in the kitchen.
But, before we dive in, I thought I’d answer a couple of your burning questions regarding art in the kitchen. Sound good?

Images via Unknown & Arent & Pyke

Can I hang a canvas painting in the kitchen? Yes, although, you should reconsider if your artwork is valuable since it can be exposed to steam, grease, etc. These elements will ruin a canvas print over time. If the artwork isn’t valuable, you could consider spraying a clear protective sealant on the canvas so it’s easier to clean if need be.

How do you show art in the kitchen? There are many places to display art in the kitchen. You can hang art on an empty wall, place it on a shelf, on the counter, or even hang it on the range hood!

Let’s look at a few examples.

Images via Meg Cassidy & Denise Morrison

Style Framed Art On A Kitchen Shelf

This one might seem obvious, but placing art on a shelf is one of the easiest ways to style art in the kitchen. It’s out of the way, fills in some space, and gives a pop of visual interest that’s unexpected. You really can’t go wrong with this one…

Images via Steve Cordony & Unknown

Place Art On The Kitchen Counter & Lean It Against The Wall

This might not be the most obvious (or practical) choice, but it totally depends on your kitchen. If you have an empty spot on your counter, whether that’s under cabinets or not, you should consider placing some framed art there!

I love this idea because it’s so unexpected and breaks up all lines of the backsplash. This look also looks good layered with a couple of items such as a vintage spice grinder or fruit bowl.

Images via Prospect Refuge Studio & Unknown

Hang Art On The Range Hood Or Under It

Here’s another unexcepted place to put artwork in the kitchen – on the range or under it! There are definitely a few asterisks next to this idea- so let’s talk about it. First off, this look isn’t for the faint of heart… it’s a bold design decision, but in the right setting, this looks so elegant.

Second, this look doesn’t work with every style of house or style of hood. If you want to hang artwork directly on the hood, then a simple white hood works best. Why? Because it looks the most similar to a wall. And the last asterisk for this idea is that when you place your artwork on or by the hood and stove, chances are, it’ll be exposed to a lot of steam and grease- probably the least optimal conditions for art.

Images via Sundling Kickén &  Tom Mark Henry

Hang Art In An Empty Spot On the Wall

It’s no secret that you can hang art on a wall, but, the photos above show restraint. And this is a perfect example of how you don’t have to fill an entire the wall with crap.

There’s something so refreshing about these kitchens. And while I love a collected look, these kitchens are a nice change of pace from the others I’ve featured in this post so far.

Images via Lisa Staton & Rue Magazine

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I hope you enjoyed this post on how to decorate with art in the kitchen.

If you still have questions on how to style art, leave them in the comments for me!

Until next time,


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