The Best 7 Dark Green Paint Colors For Kitchen Cabinets

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Images via deVOL & Unknown

If you’re contemplating painting your kitchen cabinetry a dark hunter or forest green, this post is for you! I’m sharing a ton of inspiration for green kitchens and seven of my favorite dark green paint colors. I also want to answer a few FAQs about green kitchen cabinets.

Sound like a plan?

Let’s dive in!

Images via Ashley Montgomery Design & deVOL

What materials to pair with dark green kitchen cabinets?

If you have dark green kitchen cabinets, consider adding complementary materials like wood and light-colored marble or quartz, as well as colors like cream, black, gold, and brass.

Is dark green good for a kitchen?

Dark green is a popular choice for kitchens because it provides a pop of color without being too bold or obnoxious. To play it safe, opt for white upper cabinets and dark green lower cabinets.

Images via Plain English & Bradley Odom

What colors go with dark green in the kitchen?

When you have a dark green kitchen, decorate with colors like white, cream, tan, nude, and black.

Images via Travis Walton on Est Living & Unknown

What materials complement dark green?

There are a lot of materials that complement dark green. A few of those are: natural wood, leather, stone, marble, granite, soapstone, brass, steel, chrome, gold, and silver.

Images via Studio Wok & Oliver Leech Architects

7 of the Best Dark Green Paint Colors For Kitchens

  1. Essex Green by Benjamin Moore
  2. Secluded Woods by Behr
  3. Rockwood Shutter Green by Sherwin Williams
  4. Black Emerald by Sherwin Williams
  5. Dark Hunter Green by Sherwin Williams
  6. Jasper by Sherwin Williams
  7. Black Forest by Benjamin Moore

My Favorite Painting Supplies

There you have it- seven of my favorite dark green paint colors and a little inspiration for you. I hope you found this post helpful! Let me know in the comments which kitchen is your favorite!

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