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With the sunny weather approaching, Jacob and I are itching to get outside and make the most out of summer. Especially since we’ve been transforming our side yard into a usable patio area.

As a new AllModern ambassador, I partnered up with them to transform our patio into an outdoor oasis, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect! It really took our patio area to the next level!

Our patio is a big rectangle, so other than a seating area, it really felt like it needed something else.

I already had my eyes on a couple of AllModern’s steel planter boxes when the idea of making a fountain clicked.

I love landscapes that have a lot of structure, so a fountain on our paver patio felt like a nice contrast against the lush background.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this planter would be drop-dead GORGEOUS filled with some greenery and trailing plants. But you know me… I always like to use things in unexpected ways, so I turned a simple planter box into a modern table fountain! The best part is that you can do this with ANY size planter!

I really love how this fountain took our patio to the next level and transformed it into true outdoor oasis. The sound of the running water is so soothing, and I honestly can’t wait to bring my laptop out here and work for the day.

And don’t worry, you know I gotcha covered and I’ll have a full blog post on this soon!

The biggest thing I wanted to accomplish with this outdoor space was a sense of coziness. So when it came to styling the space, I worked in layers of height, making sure I nestled everything together.

I started by bringing in the table and chairs, and then filled in the voids. I used a small silver side table and styled it with some small flowers and a pitcher. The silver table really pops against the black furniture, and the flowers help soften all the hard lines.

I should be clear that this table isn’t rated for outdoor use, but since we get so much rain, I’m used to brining things inside on a regular basis, so I don’t really mind. Plus, I have a perfect spot indoors once winter hits.

For the coffee table, I added some height by filling a vase with more flowers, and then added some candles and a rectangular firepot to really step up the cozy vibe.

A quick note about that firepot- it’s another DIY! I just nestled some gel fuel inserts in between some rocks and BAM… instant firepot! Easy, right?

I know, I know… here I go again using something different than its original purpose– but I couldn’t help it!

This tabletop planter is perfect for so many things! Imagine it filled with candles, drinks, candy, shooters, oysters on the half shell … I mean, need I say more?


A Modern Outdoor Oasis









So what do you think of our outdoor oasis?!

Even though it’s still a minor work in progress, I’m so happy to have a place to sit and enjoy the outdoors… not to mention a gorgeous fountain!

I hope this post sparked some ideas for your own outdoor living space and inspires you to try something new.

If you have questions about any of the projects, drop them in the comments below. And stay tuned because I’ll be breaking down the process for the fountain and our patio in some upcoming posts.

Until next time,


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