Savvy Favorites: Extended & Extra-Wide Headboards For A Modern Bedroom

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Images via One Kind Design & Lotta Agaton

Upholstered headboards are one of those pieces that can instantly make your bedroom feel high-end, but if you really want to take it to the next level, then you should think about an extended headboard.

Extra-long headboards used to be something that you could only get by getting a custom piece made, but ready-to-buy options are becoming more accessible, not to mention you can DIY one!

I’m in the middle of DIY’ing a wall-to-wall headboard in our master bedroom, and since I know you might not want to go the DIY route, I rounded up seven extra-wide headboards for another edition of Savvy Favorites!

I also thought I’d answer some FAQ’s about them and give you a few tips for incorporating them into your bedroom. Sound like a plan?

Ok, so let’s start with some FAQs about extra-wide headboards


Extended headboards are just a little longer and wider than a normal headboard, where it extends beyond the mattress and bed frame. And depending on the style, they can extend behind the nightstands, too.


Yes, a headboard should be slightly wider than the bed. Ideally, you want your headboard to be at least an inch or two longer than your bed frame or mattress, but these days, the wider, the better. Extended and extra-wide headboards are becoming more and more popular.

Images via Ritmonio & Hunker


  • That extra cozy feeling  When a headboard extends beyond the bed, it feels like the headboard is almost hugging the bed and bedside tables, giving it an extra cozy feeling. Plus, anytime you add more upholstery to a room, it automatically softens it up and adds a touch of cozy.
  • A custom look Have you seen those headboards that go wall-to-wall? They look even more high-end and custom because you have to accommodate for outlets and light switches. If you want an even more custom-look, then go this route. P.S. stay tuned for my DIY wall-to-wall headboard post soon!
  • Create a statement. Most of the furniture in a bedroom sits on one wall….like 90% of the time. So why not go big and make a statement out of that one wall?  An extra-wide headboard creates a huge wow moment for the entire room and directly draws your eyes in.

Images via Matthew Leverone & Behance


Decorating with an extra-wide headboard doesn’t need to be difficult. Just treat it like a normal headboard, but keep these two things in mind…

  • An extra-wide headboard will make the bed wall feel ‘heavier’ than a normal bed. So if you can, opt for some daintier side tables and nightstands. You can also incorporate some glass with some accessories to offset all the solid pieces.
  • Since the bedside tables and nightstands will sit in front of the headboard, just make sure the finishes and materials look good next to each other and don’t clash. Duh, right?

One thing I love about this extra-wide headboard trend is that there are so many ways to get the look-

I’ll share seven of my favorite extended headboards below, but if you’re looking for something a little more custom, then you could go the DIY route like I am, or you can also purchase some modular panels to make a headboard any size imaginable! Here are two links to some modular headboard panels-

Gardeina Upholstered Panel Headboard (Set of 8) via Wayfair

Bernardsville Upholstered Panel Headboard (Set of 4) via AllModern


Extra-Wide & Extended Headboards

Hunker Bed via YLighting

Magon wall Bed via Francis & Son

Andes Wide Bed via West Elm

Connery Modern Upholstered Extended Bed via Zin Home

Andes Deco Wide Channel Bed via West Elm

Axel Upholstered Wide Platform Bed via Restoration Hardware

Modena Extended Panel Bed via Restoration Hardware

There you have it- seven extra wide headboards as well as a few tips for decorating with one!

What do you think about this trend? Do you like the look of it as much as I do? If so, be sure to stay tuned so you can see my DIY wall-to-wall headboard! I have a feeling it’s going to look so chic!

Until next time,


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