Tambour Panels, Timber Cladding, & The Wood Slat Wall Trend

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Images via Fantastic Franck & Mim Design

Can you believe that it’s already winter? You know what that means… another Seasonal Edit!

This winter I’m craving subtle texture. Well, I’m always craving subtle texture…but in particular, I’ve been loving timber cladding and slatted wood accents. 

I’ve been eyeing this look for a long time now, and I’m finally starting to see it make its way into the interior of the home.

You may have seen this look before, and that’s because timber cladding and tambour is typically used as exterior siding. But as of late, it’s creeping into the interior realm in the form of accent walls, furniture, and decor.

Yep! You heard me right, statement and accent walls are slowly making their way back into the design scene, but this time they’re taking on a more minimal and Scandinavian approach with raw, unfinished wood. And I’m here for it because it adds so much texture and dimension!

Images via Piercy & Co & Unknown

What is tambour wood?

Also known as timber weatherboarding, timber siding, and wood slats, it’s mostly used as exterior siding on modern and contemporary homes. It can easily be described as thin strips of wood, placed either vertically or horizontally, with equal spacing between each piece.

How to incorporate the wood slat trend in your home?

You can get this look by incorporating a piece of furniture that has a slatted wood look, or by using tambour panels on an accent wall. It can either be left unfinished or painted for a subtle look. The best part is that it can easily be DIY’d, which you know I love!


Shop slatted wood furniture

Rowan Solid Wood TV Stand via All Modern

Teak Slativo Coffee Table via Wisteria

Mini Mikado Pendant via Lumens

Cutter Bench via Design Within Reach

Slatted Teak Circular Dining Table via Wisteria

Elegant Cylinder Wood Pendant Light via Sertao

Olis TV Stand for TVs up to 70 inches via All Modern

via Adielle Porte & Nils Van der Celen

What do you think of this timber cladding for an accent wall or piece of furniture? Do you think it’s here to stay or do you think that it’s just a trend that will come and go? In my opinion, it’s an easy way to add texture and dimension to a room. Plus, it’s DIYable. Bonus points in my book! Let me know what you think about this wood cladding look in the comments below.

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  1. Isabelle Daoust says:

    I hope it’s here to stay… Just bought a new condo and I sooooo want to incorporate this element in a few room to add texture and warmth to my cold cement, white wall condo. 🙂

    • Terra Link says:

      Congrats! It’s going to be AMAZING!! I’m always a fan of adding some textural elements like cement, it’s timeless

  2. Mark Manley says:

    Hi – I love this look, and I’d like to incorporate in my home remodel. I’m looking for pre-made panels that I can custom fit, and install on my ceiling in the entry way. Do you have recommendations for purchasing these? Thanks in advance!!

    Great blog, by the way!

    • Terra Link says:

      Hi Mark- I haven’t seen any of these premade, but making them should be pretty simple with some plywood and square trim/moulding. You could potentially make your own and them custom fit them to size. I hope that helps! Best of luck with your project!

  3. sade ash says:

    I love love this look, it’s too chick not to stay! is that a door made on the left side

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