7 Round Dining Table & Chair Combinations for Every Style

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Images via  Bieke Vanhoutte Interieur & Norm Architects

So you recently bought a round dining room table and now you’re looking for just the right chair, am I right? With all the different styles to choose from it can be confusing to know where to start, so I rounded up seven different dining table and chair combinations to give you a few ideas and steer you in the right direction, no matter what your style is!

A favorite blog post among my readers is the round dining table edition of my Savvy Favorites series, so I thought this would be a great follow up post showing you a few ideas about picking the perfect dining chair! By the way…go peek at those posts if you need some more round dining table inspiration!

Ok, ready to dive into my seven-round dining table and chair combinations?


Seven Round Dining Table & Chair Combos


Chair: Astrud Dining Chair via High Fashion Home

Dining Table: Ludrow Round Dining Table via RH


Chair: Wharton Dining Chair via High Fashion Home

Dining Table: Banach Dining Table via Wayfair


Chair: Sling Upholstered Dining Chair via All Modern

Dining Table: Torano Marble Dining Table via RH


Chair: Payson Dining Chair, Essex Steel via High Fashion Home

Dining Table: Infinity Round Dining Table via Burke Decor


Chair: Sophia Upholstered Metal Chair via Yliving

Dining Table: Round Black Cerused Oak Dining Table via Burke Decor


Chair: Bruno Fabric Side Chair via RH

Dining Table: Amaya Dining Table via Mcgee & Co.


Chair: Kink Dining Chair via YLiving

Dining Table: Colworth Solid Wood Dining Table via Wayfair

Images via Angus Mccaffrey Interiors & The Identite Collective

Of course, I also want to leave you with a couple of tips for selecting chairs and pairing it with a dining table.

Tips for Pairing Chairs with a Round Dining Table

  • When it comes to selecting a dining chair for a round table, try to look for something that has a slightly rounded back, mimicking the shape of the table.
  • Another thing to think about is the finish of the dining chairs in conjunction with the dining table legs or base. You either want to go for a high-contrast look, or stick to the same type of finish for your table base and table legs, if not the exact same finish. If you’re going to try and match the dining table with the chairs, try to get an exact match. For instance, if you have a white oak table, try getting some dining chairs with that same white oak finish.
    Just a heads up! Colors and finishes differ DRASTICALLY depending on the manufacturer, so don’t depend on one company’s white oak (or any other finish for that matter) to look the same as another’s.

So what do you think about these dining table and chair combinations I put together? Which style is your vibe? I think I’m a clean and contemporary gal myself. I’m a sucker for that cerused oak!!

What other combinations would you like to see next? Coffee tables and sofas? Beds and nightstands? Let me know in the comments below!

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7 Round Dining Table & Chair Combinations for Every Style

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