2020 Forecast – Top Interior Design & Home Decor Trends I’m Loving


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Images via Poco Designs & Nicolas Schuybroek

Happy 2020!

This is my first official blog post of the new year, so I thought it’d be fun to kick it off with the new interior design and home decor trends! One of my top posts last year was “Top Five Interior Design Trends of 2019“, and I’m still seeing those trends come into play more and more. So, let’s take a look at what interior design and home decor trends we’ll see more of in 2020!

Images via We Are Wow Makers & Au Lit Fine Linens

Top Interior design trends for 2020 (in a nutshell)

1 – Curved & Rounded Kitchen Islands

2 – Wall-to-wall Headboards

3 – Textured Furniture and Home Decor Accents

4 – Lime-washed Walls

5 – Marble Statement Pieces

Images via Tom Rossau & Office 88

What’s the color for 2020?

Pantone named ‘Classic Blue’ the color for 2020, and it can be interpreted in many ways, either in your home or with clothing and makeup. But, if we just want to look at the hot colors for interior design and home decor, we should also look at what Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams picked as their color of the year.

Benjamin Moore named First Light their color of the year, which is like a light, blushy shade of pink, and it looks like it was picked straight out of the makeup aisle.

Sherwin Williams named Naval their color of the year, which is more in line with Pantone’s Classic Blue, but a bit deeper. If you’re gonna do blue in your home, this is how I’d do it! Deep, rich, and luxurious looking.

Top Interior Design & Home Decor Trends For 2020

Images via Dwell & Full of Grace Interiors

no. 01

Curved & Rounded Kitchen Islands

Cue the curves! We’ve seen curvy furniture take the stage over the past couple of years, and now it’s making its way into the kitchen, and in the form of a giant statement piece… the island!

There’s something more playful and inviting about the rounded islands, don’t you think? Since there are already so many straight lines in the kitchen, like the cabinets and appliances, it’s nice to break it up with something curvy, and the island is the perfect place to do it!

Images via Behance & Unknown

no. 02

Extra Wide / Wall-to-Wall Headboards

Remember when the trend for headboards was to go tall? Well, now we’re heading in the opposite direction. From DIY’s to some high-end headboards, I’m starting to see short, wide ones creep in…. even ones extending from wall-to-wall. And I have to say that I love it!!

This is a go-big or go-home moment for your bedroom, and I love the look it has, especially if you have a large wall to fill up. The headboard extends beyond the bed, and even gives your nightstands a nice backdrop! It almost feels like your headboard is giving your nightstand big ole hug.

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Images via Studio 1 Architects & Studio Joanna Laajisto

no. 03

Textured Walls & Home Decor Accents

If you caught my Winter Edit, I talked about timber cladding and slatted wood furniture having a moment, and it looks like this textured trend isn’t going anywhere! I love this look because it doesn’t need to be a bold statement, it can also be done subtly and minimally, by painting the wood the same color as your walls. Not to mention it can be DIY’d and look great! Hop over to The Seasonal Edit to take a peek at more inspiration like this.

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Images via Bemz & Domingue Architectural Finishes

no. 04

Lime Wash Walls

Does this look take you back to the ancient Roman days, as it does me? This look has been growing on me over the past few months, and I think it takes just the right space and color to look good without it looking like a DIY’d faux finish gone wrong. Know what I mean?

To pull this off, my favorite lime-washed walls are the ones where there’s a subtle shift in color and paired with modern furniture to complement the organic texture of the limewash.

What do you think? Are you into it?

Images via Burke Decor & Menu

no. 05

Marble Furniture & Accents

From statement walls to huge pieces of furniture, marble is making waves in the design industry lately. But has it really gone anywhere?! Marble is one of those timeless materials you can’t go wrong with. These days we’re seeing huge statements being made with marble, and I loooooove it! Like huge coffee tables and dining tables that are nothing but a perfect, solid slab of this beautiful material.

But talk about stressful watching the delivery guys move one of those huge coffee tables into place! But, on the other hand, some things are worth it and this is no exception!

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There you have it! The top interior design and home decor trends that I’m loving for 2020!

What do you think about these interior design trends? Would you call them just trends or do you think some of them have more staying power? I think a lot of them will stay relevant, especially the marble, and maybe even the rounded islands! Let me know your favorite design trend in the comments below and if you have incorporated any of them into your own home!



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2020 Forecast – Top Interior Design & Home Decor Trends I’m Loving

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