The 7 Best Blue-Green Paint Colors For Kitchen Cabinets + Examples

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Images via Emily Henderson & Kelsey Leigh Design

Before we painted our kitchen cabinets, there was a ton of test and research that went into picking the final color, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite blue/green kitchens and share a few of my favorite paint colors!

Sound like a plan? Let’s dive in…

Images via Becky Shea Design & Steve Cordony

Is blue-green a good color for kitchen cabinets?

Blue-green is a great option for a kitchen. It adds a bit of color to the space but isn’t overwhelming to the eye. It also pairs well with many kinds of wood, making it a great color for a kitchen.

Are blue-green kitchen cabinets a fad?

When styled and paired with the right materials and finishes, blue-green kitchens are elegant and timeless.

Images via deVOL & Design by Rhatigan & Hick & Asplund

What shade of blue-green is good for kitchen cabinets?

A dark shade of blue-green is a great option for kitchen cabinets. A darker shade of blue-green will look more timeless than a lighter shade, and it also pairs well with different colored woods and natural stones.

What materials pair well with blue-green kitchen cabinets?

If you have blue-green kitchen cabinets, consider adding complementary materials like wood and light-colored marble or quartz, as well as colors like cream, black, gold, and brass.

7 of The Best Blue-Green Paint Colors For Kitchen Cabinets

  1. Billard Green by Sherwin Williams
  2. Mediterranean Teal by Benjamin Moore
  3. Rock Bottom by Sherwin Williams
  4. Amazon Green by Benjamin Moore
  5. Yorktowne Green by Benjamin Moore
  6. Hidden Falls by Benjamin Moore
  7. Mount Etna by Sherwin Williams

My Favorite Painting Supplies

There you have it, seven of the best paint colors for a blue-green kitchen and some eye candy for inspiration!

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