Cue The Curves! All About The Curvy Sofa & Furniture Trend

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Images via Rob Mills & Ferm Living

It’s all about curvy furniture and feminine lines this season! And isn’t springtime the perfect time to incorporate a little bit of this trend? I think so!

If you caught my blog post, ‘Top Interior Design Trends’ at the beginning of the year, curved furniture was at the top of the list. It might not come as a surprise, but it’s still going strong and it’s the main focus of this spring’s seasonal edit!

If you’re new here, you’re probably wondering what the Seasonal Edit is, am I right?

Well, every season I put together a blog post about a trend, color, or just something I can’t get out of my head plus a couple of tips on how to incorporate the look into your own home.

Ok, back to those beautifully curvy sofas…

Images via Brown Design Group & @anoukyve

You may have heard curved sofas also called conversation sofas or crescent sofas… and those are just more terms to confuse you… they’re all the same thing.


If you’re searching online for a curvy sofa, be sure to also search for conversational and crescent sofas to yield better results!

Images via Joseph Dirand & Eveniy Bulatnikov & Emily Dervish

Now let’s talk about all the nitty-gritty details if you’re planning on purchasing a curved sofa, like how to decorate with them, and how to measure for one!

How do you style and decorate a curved sofa?

If you want to decorate and style your living room with a curved sofa, here are a few ideas and things to consider:

  • Curved sofas are a statement piece, so treat them like one! 
  • Curved sofas are best styled away from the walls. Float them in the middle of the room, so the curved back is exposed.
  • If using one curved sofa, place it facing the TV or fireplace, and use a couple of accent chairs on either side to complete the look.
  • If you have a larger room and can use two sofas, place them facing each other, in the center of the room.
  • Repeat the curves. A square coffee table isn’t going to cut it with a curved sofa, so incorporate a round or oval shape to complement the sofa.

How do you measure your space for a curved sofa?

  • Always use the overall measurements listed.
  • Be careful when you’re looking at curved sofas, you might think they are smaller than a standard sofa, but in reality, the width is usually bigger due to the curves.
  • When measuring your space for a curved sofa, mark the measurements out on your floor with some painters or masking tape.


Curve Wave Sectional via RH Modern

Interlude Dana Chaise Lounge Sofa via Perigold

Infiniti Swivel Chair via Crate & Barrel

Arabella Right Swivel Chair via Wayfair

Infiniti Grande Curve Back Sofa via Crate & Barrel

Targa Swivel Lounge Chair via Wayfair

Lina Swivel Chair via Design Within Reach

Saban Two-Piece Crescent Sectional Sofa via Lulu & Georgia

So what do you think about this curved furniture and sofa trend we’re seeing? Would you ever incorporate this look into your own home?

I really love the look of these sofas and sectionals, especially that RH Modern one, but I definitely think it takes just the right space to pull it off! If you’re interested in incorporating this trend into your home, be sure to check out my services!

Until next time, cheers!

  1. Annie Berenson says:

    I have a curved sofa that I inherited from my inlaws and we are using it with our modern stuff and it looks great. I am searhing for the "right" coffee table. You show one in your top right photo, that I love. Can you tell me what that is? Thanks

  2. Home Flair says:

    I read this blog. This is very informative and attractive for setting and arrange sofa set furniture in our houses.

  3. Debi Green says:

    I get using a round or oval coffee table but what shape do you get a rug in?

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