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With summer in full swing, we’ve finally had some beautiful weather over here in Seattle.

You know those nights where there’s zero wind, it’s about 75 degrees out and it just smells like summer… Ugh, aren’t those the best?!

To take full advantage of these summer nights, I teamed up with AllModern to set up a cute little dining alfresco date-night for Jacob and I!

Earlier this year, Jacob and I wrote a bunch of date ideas on popsicle sticks and were planning on picking one or two a month. Well, seeing as 2020 had different plans for us, this was the perfect chance to do something out of the ordinary.

Since it’s a little bit of a trek to our outdoor dining space, I grabbed a wire basket that was laying around the house, and filled it with all my supplies for setting the table.

There’s nothing more annoying than making a million trips in and out of your house, right?!

This idea ended up being even more helpful than I imagined because it also acted as another place to put extra pillows and a throw blanket. Not to mention bringing everything back inside was way easier.

As for the table setting itself, I opted for a linen tablecloth, which warmed it up and added a different texture in the mix.

From there, it was time to set the table!

In the center of the table, I placed two tabletop planters – a small one inside of a larger one, and used it as an ice bucket!

These planters not only acted as a centerpiece for the table but having multiple drinks on ice meant no trips in and out of the house! A win-win!

P.s… aren’t these bottles of champagne fab?!

From there, I added some flowers and greenery with a couple of potted plants and then added ambiance with some lanterns and candles.

These modern lanterns were the perfect detail that brought some height to the table. They also helped to keep the bugs at bay since I swapped out my outdoor pillar candles for some citronella ones!

After the drinks and decor were in place, it was time for some appetizers! Or as we like to call ’em, ‘hot snacks.’

This ‘hot snack & drink’ theme was fitting for our date night because when we first started dating, we used to pick a couple of restaurants and just stop in for a drink and a couple of appetizers. It was so fun!

So for our hot snack, I toasted up some baguette slices and topped it with some melted brie, a couple of thin slices of pear, honey, and rosemary. It was so easy to make and ended up being the perfect bite to hold us over till dinner!



get the look

Modern Dining Al Fresco

Black Steel Umbrella Base

Mraz 7.8′ Market Umbrella

White Stone Planters

3″x16″ tabletop planter box

3″x32″ tabletop planter box

Textured Indoor/outdoor pillows

Silver Raymond Tray Table

Wood cutting board

Tall Black Lantern

Short Black Lantern

Dinner Plate

So what do you think about our alfresco date night?

I’m so glad we took some time out of our schedules to plan a special night like this. It was the perfect end to a busy week.

I hope this post inspires you to create a little alfresco date-night of your own, or at least gives you a few ideas the next time you’re entertaining!

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Just a heads up! This post contains affiliate links. What’s that mean? It means that if you click on a link and end up purchasing something, I’ll earn a small commission, and you’ll never pay a penny more! It’s a win-win so I can continue creating content like this!

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Dining Al Fresco with AllModern – Date Night Edition

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