The Modern Outdoor Concrete Furniture Trend

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Images via 1st Dibs & Adam Robinson Design

It’s no secret that I love concrete. After all, I have a collection of concrete vessels…so my love runs deeeep.

And even though I know how it all works, I’m still blown away when I see tables, chairs, benches, and stools made out of concrete. The possibilities are endless with this material!

If you’ve been following my stories, you probably know that we have a somewhat finished patio area. So obviously, my eyes have been lurking at all the gorgeous outdoor concrete furniture available right now….. and there’s a lot!

This trend has been going strong for a while, but I’ve seen a lot more styles pop up over the last few months.

I’m just over here all googly-eyed, to say the least.

So I thought this was a perfect time to share my love and share a few of the show-stopping/scroll stopping pieces that have me swooning, plus a couple of tips for how to decorate with it!

Images via Archiproducts & Creative Studio Unravel

Tips for Decorating With Concrete Furniture:

  • If you’re using concrete in an outdoor space, consider a super lush landscape to counteract the structure of the concrete.
  • If you’re using concrete furniture indoors, mix it with different materials such as wood, marble, and metallics such as brass to warm it up.
  • Keep in mind most concrete furniture will be grey, and just a heads up…. greys can be super tricky to match! They either go very cool, with undertones of blue, or warm, with some beige undertones. Stick with one undertone, whether that be cool or warm.
  • Afraid to commit to a huge piece of concrete furniture? Opt for smaller tabletop decor such as a candle holder or tray. Check out my collection for a little inspo


My Favorite Concrete Tables, Stools & Benches!

Buettner Coffee Table via Wayfair

Rainier Round Dining Table via Frontgate

Stool on Wheels via Burke Decor

Cabrera Concrete Dining Table via RH

Delapan Concrete Coffee Table via Perigold

Chromatic Concrete Stool via Etsy

Roman Classic Concrete Dining Table via Kathy Kuo Home

So what do you think about concrete furniture? Too modern for your taste, or are you a fan? I think it’s clear that I’m a fan of concrete, whether that’s a piece of furniture like a table or bench… or even concrete floors! I can’t get enough of it!

If you’re looking for more inspiration, be sure to check out my Pinterest page, or check out my collection of concrete vessels if you’re looking for a cute little gift!

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