The Design For Our Large Side-Yard – Phase 1

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I’m excited to get this in writing and tell you about what’s been going on at our house lately! We decided to take advantage of our side yard this year and tackle an ambitious project.

Jacob and I looked at a ton of inspiration and came up with a game plan for installing a gravel/paver pathway from the front of our house to the side, creating a little patio and seating area! Talk about a major curb appeal update!

Before I get into what the game plan is, let me give you a little rundown of our house and side yard so you can see what I’m talking about.

What we’re working with:

Our house is mid-century ranch-style with lovely purple shutters and a matching front door at the moment. Totally sarcastic about the purple by the way… you know I love my neutrals! I can’t wait to swap those out!

But other than the hideous color selection going on, we have a decent-sized front yard. It’s been nothing but dirt until last year when I decided I had to plant some grass, but there’s still a huge dirt portion on the side of the house that remains unusable. And that’s exactly what we plan on tackling this spring!

Ready to hear all my crazy ideas?! Here’s a little plan I came up with to better illustrate what we’ll be doing-

The game plan:

The dirt area will become the paver/ gravel patio area, which will be accessible by a pathway along the front of the house to the front door.

I plan on refinishing some outdoor furniture we have and creating a seating area on the pavers. Since that area is kind of long and skinny, I needed to incorporate something else to make it feel less random.

This is when I came up with the idea to put a fountain in! I think it will look so good to have a fountain at the front, and a small seating area behind it.

I plan on DIYing my own sleek and modern fountain, and I have a good feeling about this one! I haven’t seen another DIY like this one, so I’m SUPER excited about that.

As far as what’s in front of the pavers, we plan on replanting grass to fill in any bald spots and eventually create a raised planter garden with some tall metal edging. That area has the perfect light for a little garden!

And for the plants and landscaping, we definitely want some privacy along our property line and a little in front of the house, to keep us secluded from our neighbors. 

So the plan is to plant a bunch of hedges that will grow tall and dense. It will give us privacy and also create a fence along the right side of our property. We’ll probably do this in a couple of phases as we will need a ton of hedges and it’s gonna get pricey!

Ok, let’s move on, and let me share a couple of inspirational images with you.

Images via Giffel & Flickr

Inspiration & ideas for our side yard

We brainstormed for quite some time about what to do with this space. We looked for something that will be fairly easy to do, cost-effective, and still as beautiful AF.

I’m not asking too much, am I?! haha!

Our house is mid-century ranch-style, so I knew I wanted to stick with something modern and clean looking.

We decided to go for a paver and gravel patio because it seemed like it was the best of everything. Fairly simple, cheap(er) than other options, and looks good as long as the paver spacing doesn’t get too big.

I also love the look of dividing a bunch of sections and making each area a little different, but still cohesive.

And remember that DIY fountain I mentioned? I’m thinking something like that picture up there, either with a little border or hedges around the base or a different type of rock to make it stand out a little bit. I just adore the look of it!

My oh my… I can’t help but think of all that there is to do as I finish writing up this post!

What do you think about the plans for our side yard? Are you into it? And do you think it’s doable?

I can’t wait to document the process and share a bunch of DIY projects along the way! Stay tuned for that DIY fountain and a video documenting the paver and gravel patio!!

Until next time,

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