A Modern Terracotta Color Scheme + Mood Board Inspiration

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As a self-proclaimed neutrals only person, I have to admit, my mind has been craving a few colors lately. For this summer’s moodboard I’m channeling some major desert vibes, and I’m obsessing over this beautiful terracotta color palette. Every time around this year, I have a slight case of FOMO. If you don’t know, we live right outside of Seattle, and we are lucky to have such beautiful scenery, but it’s mostly green….really green, and not to mention a little drizzly. And while I’m not complaining, sometimes I just crave the complete opposite. The desert.

That’s where this beautiful, rich terracotta color palette comes into play. I found myself swooning over several Instagram and Pinterest photos with these tones and couldn’t get the colors out of my head. Like I mentioned earlier, we aren’t the biggest color enthusiasts, but terracotta isn’t too much of a stretch from our comfort zone since we are already fans of a good camel color.

There are so many different shades of terracotta to play with, so it’s versatile no matter what look you’re going for. From a light blush or tan, to a rich burnt red, you can easily incorporate this color into any space.  









I am loving the natural terracotta colors mixed up in a modern way. Either with modern architecture featuring stark, white walls, or by playing up the pattern with bricks to achieve a geometric look.  Whether you’re playing it safe or trying to make a statement, you can easily bring this color into your space by choosing art prints or pillows with pops of terracotta or with small pots, and planters. 

Even though we’re not one for color, sometimes we just can’t help it. This terracotta color palette is bound to make an appearance in our home or Instagram feed soon. 

What are some of your favorite ways to bring this color into your space? Or are you more of a neutral lover, like us? I’m curious, let me know in the comments below! If you’re looking for more inspiration, find us on Pinterest (@thesavvyheart) and check out our Summer Moodboard 2018, which is an entire board dedicated to this warm terracotta color palette.

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